New Perspectives in Anglican Education

About the Book

Reconsidering Purpose and Plotting a Future Direction

In his 2009 ISAAC ARMITAGE LECTURE, Archbishop Peter Jensen offered this challenge: “Is there such a thing as Anglican Education?” A group of educators, theologians and academics was formed to explore the question. They drew on the best that there is to offer from the fields of education, philosophy, humanities and the social sciences, always grounded in an understanding of the Bible. They sought to ask three questions: 

  • Why? Knowing what our priorities and purposes should be in raising children, nurturing them in the faith and teaching them the skills they need dor life.
  • What? Seeking knowledge of what these priorities and purposes mean for the things we teach.
  • How?  Making wise and informed choices each day about schooling, curriculum and pedagogy.


The first fruits of this project was the publication of the book: New Perspectives on Anglican Education. It argues that Anglican education should be different; not just in the results achieved, but in how schools are used redemptively by God. This should be seen in the lives of the students and families associated with the school, and in the impact of the school on the wider community.

The book can be purchased from Wandering Booksellers.


This website has been created to extend the conversation started by the publication of the book. It includes the text of the Isaac Armitage Lecture delivered at the Shore School in September 2009 by the Anglican Archbishop of Sydney, Dr Peter Jensen.

It also includes some of the papers written by members of the Anglican Education Fellowship which were not included in the book. Some are still works in progress. Readers are invited to write responses to any of these papers, either with a view to the response being published on this website or passed on to the author to assist them in their revision of the published paper.

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