Anglican EdComm is committed to enhancing and supporting leadership within Anglican schools because it recognises that the quality of leadership is fundamental to the promotion of biblically-shaped education. 


In 2014, the Rev. Graham Stanton was commissioned to explore the nature of spiritual leadership within Anglican schools. This resulted in the publication of a very practical booklet (Spiritual Leadership: The Role of the Principal in the Spiritual Leadership of an Anglican School) on this subject and has formed the basis of numerous workshops, seminars and other presentations on Leadership within schools.


Anglican EdComm recognises that the AIS and various tertiary institutions provide excellent secular courses to equip teachers for various leadership roles. Its experience in developing and delivering a complementary professional development program for participants from faith-based schools in the Flagship Program has prompted it to develop complementary programs that focus on the Christian dimensions of leadership teachers who are undertaking or have completed good secular courses.


A significant component of the Anglican EdComm contribution to leadership thinking and training in Anglican schools will be an emphasis on relationships, the building of trust and the establishment of substantial mentoring practices.


Details about these programs and initiatives will be posted on this website later in the year.