Anglican Schools Internship Program


A partnership between EdComm, Youthworks and Anglican Schools


Rationale for the Internship program


Many Anglican schools and colleges have expressed the need for great Christian teachers both now and in the future to sustain our schools. The EdComm team have been considering ways that we could encourage Christian men and women to consider a vocation in teaching. One area is internships within our schools.

Through a partnership with the Anglican Youthworks College Year 13 and the subsequent Anglican Youthworks Vocational (Year 14) Program we are now able to offer Anglican Schools the opportunity to work with recent school graduates who might consider teaching as a potential career while enjoying the benefits of participating in a gap year program.

This internship involves a 3-way partnership between your school/college, Anglican Youthworks Year 13/Anglican Youthworks Vocational (Year 14) and Anglican EdComm. Each participating school is expected to provide a supervising teacher or chaplain who would be willing to look after the Intern. EdComm will work alongside supervising teachers and each intern. EdComm will follow the student through the year with visits and facilitate an orientation morning accompanied by an online program. Anglican Youthworks Year 13/Anglican Youthworks Vocational (Year 14) will provide the student and the supervising teacher with ongoing support. There are no upfront costs to the school, although there may be the possibility of the school/college paying a small allowance/travel expenses (subject to the Fair Work Act) for the intern. Other options are available and EdComm staff can offer advice. The internship is a mandatory requirement of the Youthworks programs.

Anglican Schools can choose an intern in one of two ways:
1. The School may have a current Year 12 student who is enrolling in the Anglican Youthworks College Year 13 or the subsequent Anglican Youthworks College Vocational program (Year 14) who would be suitable as an intern. You may wish to select that person.
2. Anglican Youthworks can provide participating schools with several candidates who are interested in completing their internship in a school. A participating school will then choose the most suitable candidate through an interview process. EdComm staff can assist with facilitating the interviews.

Anglican EdComm is pleased to be partnering with Anglican Schools and Anglican Youthworks to enable this opportunity for potential future teachers to experience the teaching profession firsthand.


Purpose of the Internship program


1. To promote teaching as a Christian vocation.

2. To enable Anglican schools/colleges to enhance the classroom/ Chaplaincy/Christian Studies/Co-Curricular programs with Year 13 and Year 14 Anglican School interns.

3. To model a collaboration between Anglican Schools, Youthworks College and Anglican EdComm

4. To broaden the opportunities for Youthworks College students to work with children/teenagers in a school setting.


Learning intentions

By the end of this program:-

1. Students will have had practical experience of what a teacher’s life is like in a school;

2. Students will think through the distinctives of being a Christian educator;

3. Students will have had supported practice in leading a CRU/Christian group.


Intern Participant Program - Course Overview


The program requires approximately twenty-four (24) hours to complete (over Semesters One and Two). 


Semester One program

 ‘The supreme end of education is expert discernment in all things - the power to tell the good from the bad, the genuine from the counterfeit, and to prefer the good and the genuine to the bad and the counterfeit.’

Charles Grosvenor Osgood (1871-1964)


What to expect in Semester One


An orientation session prior to commencing the school placement: (3 hours plus 30 minute break)

  • Working in an Anglican School- general expectations of schools/colleges 
  • What is different now that you are a staff member in the community 
  • Professionalism in the workplace
  • The online course- access and expectations.
  • CRU presentation – assisting with Christian groups in the school/college

Pastoral care meeting with an EdComm Education Officer (during term time, at the place of work) (One hour)

Online components, including:

  • Weekly participation in a forum (approximately 10 minutes per week over 16 weeks). You will be commenting on a series of questions, eg. What have you learnt about leading a group? How have you been able to share the gospel? (three hours over the semester)
  • Watching short films clips, listening to podcasts and reading articles, then answering questions on the following topics (in a digital workbook):

           Module Four: What is biblically-shaped education? (one hour)

           Module Five: Reflective thinking (one hour)

           Module Six: Teaching Christianly in an Anglican school (two hours)

                       Module 6.1: Word-shaped

                       Module 6.2: World-shaped


What to expect in Semester Two


Online components, including:

  • Participation in an online forum - 6 posts over Semester Two. (1.5 hours)
  • Exploring Worldviews (4 x 1 hour modules - 4 hours)
  • Reflecting on contemporary issues (4.5 hours)
  • Completion of online feedback forms (30 mins).

Face to face debrief meeting at the end of semester (one hour).

Celebration Lunch.

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For Current Anglican School Interns


Access the 2018 Intern Learning Program here (Current interns)