Anglican Religious Education


This is a new venture for EdComm starting in 2016.  

Since our inauguration in 2007, EdComm has provided a significant amount of assistance to teachers of Christian or Biblical Studies in both Junior and Senior Schools. This assistance has included in-school consultancy and workshops, across-school seminars, workshops and conferences, the sharing of ideas and resources, and the collaborative development of a Biblical Studies Framework for Years 7 to 10.

EdComm has sought to help school chaplains, assistant chaplains and the teachers of Biblical Studies.

From 2016, our focus will be more on the big picture and on the quality of delivery.

Anglican schools have a particular ethos, each expressed in different ways. EdComm wants to help Anglican schools to articulate their ethos, to enrich its impact on the whole school and to help to equip those who have been given the task of promoting it. That may mean helping Junior School teachers to relate the Bible to the whole curriculum; it may mean helping schools to develop a more robust P-12 continuum in Biblical Studies.