The Integral Project Dinner

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The Integral ProjectDinner was launched by AnglicanEdComm in 2009 to promote the integration of faith and learning within schools. It was inspired by the very influential Charis Project that has been conducted by the Stapleford Centre in Nottingham for over a decade. Through that Project, teachers in Britain acquired access to a plethora of booklets on how to teach the mandated curriculum Christianly.


The Integral Dinner promotes biblically-shaped education, and is about translating a biblical worldview into every aspect of school life. Its focus has been on encouraging individual schools to initiate their own projects through which a biblically-based approach to education can be embedded within the culture of their schools.


The Integral Dinner does not offer simple, slick solutions.  It provides a network of like-minded Christian educators, supporting one another to ‘light lots of little fires’ through which education can be a transformative force in Anglican schools. It provides encouragement to schools, Stage and faculty groups as well as individual teachers to initiate school-based projects which integrate Christian faith in an authentic manner with educational practice.


The next Integral Project Dinner will be held on October 31, 2019


Previous Events:

Integral Project Dinner 2018


Speaker: Kara Martin

Venue: Rydges Parramatta

Date: October 25, 2018

Addressed standard descriptors: 6.2.2, 6.3.2


Integrating Faith & Work

‘The Hebrew root for work (avad) is also the root for service, particularly serving God in worship. I believe the two activities are meant to be integrated. Our work should be done in a way that honours God, which serves God and others, that worships God. By combining the two English words: work and worship, I hope to challenge people to integrate their faith and work.’ - Kara Martin

We are excited to welcome Kara Martin as the Keynote speaker at this year’s Integral Project Dinner. Kara will explore the topic of Integrating Faith and work, and how all work is God’s work when our orientation is toward knowing God and serving others. 

When we teach from a perspective of knowing God, rather than merely knowing about God, work becomes a heart exercise, rather than a cognitive one. Work is a gift from God of which we are stewards over and we have a responsibility to love that work, do the best we can at it, and offer it back to God as a form of worship. Kara will help us to understand the spiritual disciplines and practical wisdom required to assist us to rise to the challenge of integrating faith with our everyday work. 

Guests will also be addressed by the Right Reverend Chris Edwards, as well as members of three schools who will be demonstrating how they are actively integrating faith in their unique school contexts: 

-       Rouse Hill Anglican College, 

-       Meriden – An Anglican School for Girls, and 

-       Trades Norwest Anglican Senior College.


Keynote Address: Integrating Faith & Work (Dr Kara Martin) 



Presentation: Recruiting Christian Educators (Rt Rev Chris Edwards)


Presentation: Integrating Faith in Schools (Presentations from 3 Anglican Schools)



2017 Integral Project Dinner 

Keynote Speaker: Dr Julie McGonigle

Target audience: Primary and secondary school teachers, school leaders and governors, pre-service teachers

Date: 19 October 2017

Venue: Rydges Parramatta

Addressed standard descriptors: 6.2.2, 6.3.2