Banish teacher burnout: The secret of long-term success for educators

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Educators are regularly reported as belonging to the one of the most stressful occupations. The effects of stress are leading to low teacher retention rates and a high prevalence of burnout. There has to be a better way! How can teachers set about reducing their feelings of burnout and improve motivation and work engagement? Dr Maureen Miner-Bridges has been integrally involved in some Australian-based research that has examined wellbeing amongst faith-based workers. On the evening she will help us explore how faith-based practices influence work engagement, motivation and help us to apply practices that lead to improved wellbeing.



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Event Details 

Speaker: Dr Maureen Miner Bridges

Venue: Tara Anglican School for Girls (Masons Road, North Parramatta)

Date: March 22, 2018

Addressed standard descriptors: 6.2.2, 6.3.2