Aspiring Leaders Network



Anglican EdComm is committed to enhancing and supporting leadership within Anglican schools through a renewed leadership program because it recognises that the quality of leadership is fundamental to the promotion of biblically-shaped education. 

Staff in Anglican schools who aspire to higher leadership positions will be encouraged to join the Anglican EdComm network of Aspiring Leaders.

The Aspiring Leaders Network will be launched on the evening of August 17, 2017 at The Rydges, Rosehill. Alongside casting a vision and a future program for developing Aspiring Leaders, the inaugural keynote address will be delivered by Professor Patrick Duignan, entitled Leading with Influence: The Power of Presence, Positive Relationships and Collective Responsibility.


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Keynote speaker: Professor Patrick Duigan

BA, H.Dip Ed (NUI); B.Ed, M.Ed Admin, PhD (Alta), FACE, FACEL

International Speaker and Consultant

Professor Patrick Duigan


Target audience: Primary and secondary school teachers, school leaders and governors, pre-service teachers

Date: 5 May 2018

Addressed standard descriptors: 6.2.2, 6.3.2


Speaker Biography:

Emeritus Professor Patrick Duignan is passionate about leadership and is a highly sought after international speaker and consultant on leadership in not-for-profit organisations. During his career Patrick was a teacher, deputy principal, principal, lecturer, professor and dean in tertiary institutions in Canada, Australia and Brunei.

Patrick has inspired leaders through presentations and workshops in government and non-government education systems and schools across Australia as well as in New Zealand, Scotland, England, Hong Kong, South Africa, Canada, Bhutan, Malaysia, Vietnam and Cambodia.

He is widely published in national and international refereed publications and is author of Educational Leadership - Key Challenges and Ethical Tensions (2006) Cambridge University Press; Educational Leadership: Together Creating Ethical Learning Environments (2012) Cambridge University Press; co-author of The Power of Many: Building Sustainable Collective Leadership in Schools (2011); Dancing on a Shifting Carpet: Reinventing Traditional Schooling for the 21st Century (2010); co-editor of Leading Australia’s Schools (2008); and he recorded a 3 DVD set that provides a number of cutting-edge ideas on leadership in school systems and schools to assist in professional learning of educational leaders, including teachers.