Aspiring Leaders Network Forum - Coaching in Schools

Aug 27 2018
Coaching in Schools
While many assume that coaching has been imported into education from other fields such as sports or psychology, it is reasonable to argue that education is the natural home of coaching.Coaching and education share the same purpose: helping people to learn, grow and develop. Read More

Agora - The Integrity of Commitment: Formation not Inoculation

Sep 12 2018
The Integrity of Commitment: Formation not inoculation
It has been commonplace amongst observers of Western culture to describe it as increasingly 'secular'.Whilst this term is the subject of enormous debate, nearly all commentators agree that Western culture has substantially altered its relationship to religion. Read More

The Integral Dinner 2018

Oct 25 2018
Integrating Faith & Work
Join us as we consider vocation, how understanding our vocation impacts our work and the importance and nature of education as vocation.The Integral Project
The Integral Project was launched by EdComm in 2009 to promote the integration of faith and learning within schools. Read More

Governors' Symposium - Religious Freedom and Religious Schools

Nov 08 2018
Religious Freedom and Religious Schools. Read More