The Pastor's Heart with Dr Donald Guthrie

The Pastor’s Heart with Dr Donald Guthrie

It was a great pleasure for Anglican EdComm to bring Dr Donald Guthrie to Australia to speak about Resilient Teaching at the annual Christians in Teaching Conference on 5th May 2018. We were thankful that Dr Guthrie was also willing to deliver a conference to Ministry practitioners at Moore Theological College in Sydney on the topic of Resilient Ministry.

Just prior to delivering the talks at Moore Theological College, Dr Guthrie was asked to take part in a live interview on The Pastor’s Heart.

The Pastor’s Heart is a new initiative of Rev Dominic Steele and The Village Church, Annandale. Each week Dominic interviews senior Christian leaders about an aspect of Christian Ministry.

To watch Dominic’s interview with Dr Donald Guthrie click the image below.

The Pastor’s Heart with Dr Donald Guthrie

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