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Christians in Teaching Conference: Part 2

On Saturday May 5, 2018, Anglican EdComm welcomed Dr Donald Guthrie of Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Chicago to deliver the keynote addresses at the Christians in Teaching Conference which focused on ‘Resilient Teaching’. This video, is the recording of the second session at the conference and the accompanying set of notes that were used to guide this session can be found below.

In his second address, Dr Guthrie began by addressing how resilience fits into the storyline of the Bible, tracing the theme in the scriptures from the Old Testament through to the New. He moved on to reveal a triad of ‘wise practice’ of being resilient in Christ. This section was aimed at helping Christian educators consider how to cultivate a life that ‘abides’ in Christ and the community of his people, ‘imagines’ the flourishing life, and ‘stays connected’ to the support network of family and friends.

The largest portion of this address was given over to the five themes of resilience. They are:

  1. Spiritual Formation;
  2. Self-care;
  3. Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and Cultural Intelligence (CQ);
  4. Marriage and family; and
  5. Leadership and management.

Through reflection on the literature and the research findings, Dr Guthrie demonstrated how the five themes are held in healthy balance by individuals to build sustainability and resilience. Dr Guthrie maintained that ‘self-awareness’ is a core ingredient for people who ‘struggle well with hopeful perseverance’, while ‘denial’ is the key factor leading to burnout.

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