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Christians in Teaching Conference: Part 1

On Saturday May 5, 2018 Anglican EdComm welcomed Dr Donald Guthrie of Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Chicago to deliver the keynote addresses at the Christians in Teaching Conference which focused on ‘Resilient Teaching’.



In his first address, Dr Guthrie laid the foundation for the talks that followed. He established the importance of the Biblical narrative as the foundation for life and work in a faith-based education environment. He showed that with Jesus at the centre, the notion of forming students gives ultimate meaning and purpose to our work in faith-based schools.

Dr Guthrie defined resilience as 'struggling well with hopeful perseverance', and for the Christian educator, it assumes a 'fallen world with fallen people'. Resilience is, therefore, a process of ongoing change, founded on the idea of 'practice with feedback'.

This video, the first of a series from the Christians in Teaching conference, is a resource to reflect on your practice as a Christian educator. The remainder of the video presentations will be released throughout Term Three.

The slides and the handouts for the day can be downloaded below.


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Session 1: Slides

Resilient Teaching Handout/Notes

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