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Banish Teacher Burnout: The secret to long-term success for educators

Educators are regularly reported as belonging to the one of the most stressful occupations. The effects of stress are leading to low teacher retention rates and a high prevalence of burnout. There has to be a better way! How can teachers set about reducing their feelings of burnout and improve motivation and work engagement?

At our recent Agora event, Dr Maureen Miner Bridges used her Australian-based research, that examined well-being among faith-based workers, to address these crucial questions.

Dr Miner Bridges explored how faith-based practices influence work engagement, motivation and help us to apply practices that lead to improved well-being. She urged educators to improve their practice in self-care, motivation and, most importantly, our reliance on God and the use of 'spiritual resources'.

The entire evening was recorded. It can be viewed below or accessed by following the link below. It will be permanently stored on the Anglican EdComm website at

In the future the content of this event will be transformed into a NESA-accredited online course.

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