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Good teachers make the strange familiar and the familiar strange. Some of the things we are thinking about this morning are very familiar to us as Christian teachers but, as I attempt to set forth a biblical basis for relational pedagogy, I hope that I can make the familiar strange so that they may come to you as if thinking about them for the first time.

This paper offers a framework for thinking about enhancing the positive influence of Christianity in an Anglican school, specifically Roseville College. It assumes that the College is first and foremost an educational institution, absolutely committed to the best academic outcome for girls. It is not a church; it is a school.

You’d be hard-pressed to find an Anglican or some other Christian school that did not include the Bible somewhere in its curriculum.

I have read a very helpful book titled History through the Eyes of Faith edited by Ronald A Wells, Professor of History at Calvin College, Grand Rapids, Michigan, and published...

Reading Tim Keller’s Every Good Endeavour is enough to get you up in the morning with a spring in your step.

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