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A collaborative venture

The launch of the 2018 Anglican Schools/Youthworks College and EdComm Internship program

Many Anglican schools and colleges have expressed the need for more committed and high quality Christian people to join the teaching profession and contribute to the exciting task of building into the lives of students - the next generation of adults. This aligns with the EdComm goal of encouraging Christians to consider teaching as a vocation.

The convergence of these two visions has resulted in the launching of the Internship program. In 2018, Anglican EdComm is thrilled to be partnering with Anglican Schools and Youthworks College to give interested young adults the opportunity to spend time in a school as a part-time member of the teaching staff.

The pilot of the Anglican Schools Internship program was launched on February 9th at an orientation morning, written, facilitated and delivered by the EdComm team. The program is designed to prepare the interns to begin their time in schools in a positive way and give them some understanding of the exciting possibilities and practicalities for the year ahead. Support from EdComm will continue throughout the year, through an online learning course and face-to face visits, culminating in a debrief session towards the end of the school year.

The purpose of the Internship program is:

  • To promote teaching as a Christian vocation.
  • To enable Anglican schools/colleges to support and enrich the Classroom/Chaplaincy/Christian Studies/Co-Curricular programs with Interns who are trained by Anglican Youthworks in the College Year 13 and Vocational (Year 14) programs.
  • To model a collaborative partnership between Anglican Schools, Anglican Youthworks College Year 13, Anglican Youthworks College Vocational (Year 14) and Anglican EdComm that draws on the resources and expertise of each agency.
  • To broaden the opportunities for Youthworks College students to work with children/teenagers in a school setting.

In a school there are many opportunities for interns to be of assistance - they may be assigned to work in the Chaplaincy area, a primary classroom/stage or high school faculty, or in extra-curricular activities like sport, CRU meetings or school musicals.

If you would like to consider participating in the Internship program in 2019 please contact Gail Staples, EdComm Education Officer, at

Disclaimer: The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in the text are those of the author, and do not necessarily represent the views of EdComm or the Anglican Diocese of Sydney. The intent  is to promote thinking and discussion.

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