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This July, Anglican EdComm will partner again with St Andrew’s Cathedral School to introduce Dr Elizabeth Green, formerly of Liverpool Hope University in the UK and now Director of Cardus in North America, to staff in Anglican schools. Elizabeth is a proponent of What if Learning and passionate about rigorous research and evaluation in faith-based schools.

The 11th Isaac Armitage Lecture was delivered by Professor David Smith, Professor of Education and German, Calvin College, Michigan, USA on 16 July, 2015 at Shore. Gillian Davis, looks at the challenges Professor Smith posed on how schools model hospitality and cross-cultural learning.

During her recent visit to Australia, Dr Elizabeth Green of Cardus Canada, spoke to EdComm’s Agora forum about measuring the impact of the Christian ethos in our schools. In her presentation, Beth encouraged both teachers and policy makers to remember that Education is about more than academic attainment and standardised tests.

Since 2007, the Anglican Education Commission has been promoting, encouraging and supporting people in Anglican schools to ‘do education Christianly’. 

Dr Bryan Cowling, EdComm’s Executive Director, is offering to give presentations or lead workshops for Councils on ways to embed the school’s ethos within its daily practices. EdComm Consultants are also available to talk...

We don’t shy away from the big issues facing Christian educators! In fact, the Agora team has grappled with many challenging topics over the last few years, including the place of science and religion in education; how to foster a child’s imagination without relegating the Bible to fairy stories and myths, and the place of the Bible in the bigger picture of Education.

There are qualities that one would expect to find of a leader in any type of school—Anglican, Muslim, State. For example one would expect a leader to be: a person of integrity, keen to ensure that best-practice teaching and learning strategies are operating in their school, a fluent communicator, a good listener, a team player and team builder, able to make tough decisions and ready to be accountable.

But what other qualities might one expect to find in a leader serving in an Anglican school? What might a teacher in an Anglican school expect of their leaders?

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