The Anglican Education Commission (Anglican EdComm) exists to advance the Diocesan commitment to biblically-shaped education.  It was re-established as a separate entity by the Synod in 2007.  Its mandate is to contribute to the transformation of education through pre-schools, Anglican schools, colleges, parishes and other Anglican organisations.

It promotes teaching as a worthy and strategic vocation. Anglican EdComm seeks to support Christian Teachers at every stage of their career. Whether a person is considering teaching, an established teacher or a school leader, Anglican EdComm exists to support teachers and help them enrich the lives of students both academically and spiritually.

Through mentoring, networking, conducting BOSTES accredited professional learning and consultancy within schools, it seeks to help teachers and school leaders to implement a biblically-shaped approach to education.  It plays an important role in advocacy and representing an Anglican perspective to governments, the education profession and the wider community.

It has an interest in enhancing Anglican Religious Education and in promoting scholarly research on biblically-shaped education.




What EdComm Offers

EdComm is a service organisation established by the Anglican Diocese of Sydney which provides its member schools with various goods and services to assist them to operate as faith-based schools.

It assists its member schools:

- to recruit and retain quality Christian educators as teachers, leaders and providers of pastoral care,

- to enhance the skills and knowledge of those who mentor and develop early career teachers with a view to their remaining in the profession for more than five years,

- to embed their faith-based mission, vision and ethos within the everyday life of the school, and

 - to implement the mandatory curriculum in a mature and authentic Christian manner.

It does this through employing experienced educators to work  in individual schools alongside interested teachers, executives and principals in such areas as pedagogy, curriculum development and implementation, religious education, pastoral care and well-being, leadership and action research.

Its consultants also develop and deliver or facilitate the delivery by others, of BOSTES accredited professional development courses and programs that complement those delivered by secular providers; they organise workshops, conferences, dinners and other programs and events on a regional and diocesan basis.

EdComm produces teaching resources and frameworks and facilitates teacher access to models of best practice and up-to-date scholarly materials that support a biblically-shaped education in Anglican schools.

EdComm facilitates robust debate and the exchange of ideas, particularly through its newly refreshed website,  resources and expertise within and among the member schools. It fosters research and the dissemination of its outcomes. It provides pre-service teachers with an introduction to biblically-shaped education and acts as a conduit between their University studies and Anglican schools.

EdComm supports the governors of member schools in their oversight of the school’s implementation of its mission through the provision of advice and relevant information on contemporary educational matters and Christian governance.